BusEye is a synchronised Bus Operation & Fleet management system that connects with bus operators, drivers and tracks bus routes remotely

  • Quickly control the status of getting on / off the car
  • Remotely monitor the location information and the moving route of the vehicle in real-time
  • Comprehensively manage route and smartly coordinate buses

BusEye’s functions

1Real-time shuttle status tracking

Easy access to data – Real-time tracking

  • Track check-in/check-out status when getting on/off the bus
  • Manage shuttle timetable by registered schedule
  • Manage passengers getting on/off the bus
  • Update bus route in real time
  • Send urgent alerts of dangerous situations
22. Remote location and route tracking

Safe Transportation – Instant Updates

  • Look up information on bus in charge
  • View bus stop and route data
  • Track bus route in real time
  • Continuously connect with bus driver and operator
3Route management and smart bus coordination

CMS provides a comprehensive view of the entire bus route

  • Track and coordinate multiple buses at a time
  • Set up route information
  • Set up daily operating schedule for each bus
  • Enable data management on bus information, operator and driver information
  • Promptly handle dangerous situations during operation

 Remarkable applications

Safe bus management system for schools

  • Keep a close eye on their child getting on and off the bus
  • Proactively track shuttle schedule
  • Register for the shuttle schedule
  • Track shuttle routes
  • Check student attendance (on/off the bus) in real time
  • Easily stay in touch with parents
  • Manage bus drivers, routes, and bus stops via website app

Transporation management for hundreds of workers at industrial zone

  • Transport hundreds of workers from/to manufacturing industrial zone
  • Track worker shuttle routes in real-time
  • Arrange flexible shuttle schedule by department
  • Coordinate shuttle schedules
  • Track worker’s access information
  • Track multiple bus routes at once on just one screen
  • Flexibly coordinate bus schedules in case of incidents: broken car, congestion, accident, etc.

Made-by-VTI Smart Access Control Solution 

Smart access management solution for 4.0 working model

Flexible deployment On-premise & on Cloud

Diversity – Efficiency