Remote working has become a trend

The trend of working remotely, although has started a while ago, has grown popular in 2020 – when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out around the world.

To respond to the pandemic as well as to maintain operations, many businesses have implemented a remote working model for employees.

Almost half of the workforce is working remotely According to Gartner

A solution to maintain work efficiency from home


Remote attendance management

1Enable management over an unlimited number of employees
    • Remotely manage an unlimited number of employees
    • Synchronise data between Telework and attendance management system for payroll processing
2Integrate with Smart facial recognition attendance management system FaceX
    • Telework can be a separate module or integrate with Smart facial recognition attendance management system FaceX

A solution to stay connected online even if the network goes down

1Ensure continuous two-way communication
    • Ensure two-way communication between personnel and managers and among employees
    • Centralise all activities on one system (create, approve requests, exchange information, report work progress…)
2Support management even if the network goes down
    • Manage each employee’s work even when the network goes down
    • Automatically update working data to the general system as soon as reconnecting to the internet

Real-time performance management

1Classify work efficiency upon work specialisations

Based on specialisations of each task, algorithms are used to classify work items as effective/ineffective

2Statistics and reports of work performance
    • Support generating reports on task list, task progress
    • Track overall work status by day, week, month, year

Cybersecurity Risk Minimisation

1Ensure safety right from the installation

Before installed on a personal computer, Telework is strictly verified for information security.

2Instant warnings about unsafe access
    • Issue immediate warnings to administrators about accessing unsafe websites or using unauthorised software
      Proactively control and minimise potential risks of network security during remote working

Overview tracking on CMS

Connect, communicate and manage work items

Automate data integration