ParkingX is a smart license plate recognition and parking management system that enables:
  • Smart, fast and accurate license plate recognition
  • Access management of hundreds of vehicles within just a few minutes
  • Optimised human resources
Benefits of ParkingX
Fast recognition
  • Control access quickly
  • Respond to numerous visits at the same time
  • Ease congestion during rush hour
Accurate recognition
Optimised human resources
Automated vehicle access management
      • AI-based smart license plate recognition system developed by VTI Solutions
      • Detect evert character on the vehicle licence plate
      • Save license plate images
      • Display vehicle owner information
      • Store and analyse access data on a general management system
Data management and Visualised reports export
      • Data management
        • Vehicle owner profile
        • Vehicle information
        • Card information: Cardholder, card code
        • Real-time entry/exit data
      • Visualised reports export
        • Entry/Exit vehicle count and frequency
        • Employee count
        • Visitor count
Unlimited integration
      • Provide API for remote data access and sharing
      • Integrate and manage device status and statistics
        • Sensor system
        • Camera system
        • Card scanning system
        • Barrier system
        • Light system
        • Alert system
Customised deployment
Manage unlimited vehicles and customise upon customer requirements


Office buiding



ParkingX applications
Access management of 2000+ personal vehicles just within 30 minutes
      • Manage access of 2000+ personal vehicles just within 30 minutes
      • Ease parking congestion during rush hours
      • Optimise parking management performance
      • Support exporting vehicle access reports
Customer experience improvement
      • Manage numerous accessing vehicles simultaneously with smart licence plate recognition technology
      • Manage vehicle information and access data
      • Improve customer experience
      • Provide data for customer behaviour research
      • Integrate with existing vehicle maintenance system

Made-by-VTI smart access management solution package

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Flexible deployment

Flexible – Efficient