Efficient Manufacturing execution management solution

  • Costs management on each product, each production stage
  • Real-time production progress management
  • Production scheduling
  • Visualised reports on: progress, productivity, material consumption, and production costs

Master data settings aligned with customer’s business specifications

Allow manufacturers to define and set up master data according to their production specifications

1User management and authorization
  • Define user
  • Manage user access, ensuring data security
2General database definition
  • Define product group & type
  • Define product unit
  • Define product
3Production data definition
  • Define sales order (SO), purchase order (PO)
  • Define BOM, production stage, line/work station, efficiency
  • Generate work schedule
  • Define manufacturing order (MO)

Production planning even without ERP

1Production planning supports even without ERP
  • Automatically generate production plan according to manufacturing orders
  • Automatically generate work orders for each production stage

2Production scheduling
  • Visualize detailed plan
  • Enable manual & automated production scheduling
3Inventory tracking and forecasting
  • Automate inventory tracking
  • Forecast additional production/import quantity

Define Manufacturing orders (MO) – Inventory tracking

4Materials plan & materials purchase requisition
  • Automatically generate materials plan according to production plan & inventory (integrated with WMS-X)
  • Automatically generate materials purchase requisition and PO according to production plan & material purchase forecast

Real-time progress update and management

  • Update input
  • Update stage progress
  • Update error status
  • Update production scrap

Fast stage transition

  • Update the number of export/import stages
  • Provide a list of step input commands
  • Detailed statistics of the order to enter the stage

* QC before stage transition if QC is required

Transparent transition history tracking

  • Provide production transaction history list
  • Provide transaction history details

Visualized reports

1Production progress report (planned/actual)
  • Visualized chart reports by
    • Manufacturing order
    • Finished product
    • Semi-finished product
    • Stage in progress
  • Reports on overall progress by
    • Stage
    • Product
    • Manufacturing order (MO)
  • Reports on detailed daily progress for each workshop by
    • Planned quantity
    • Scheduling quantity
    • Actual produced quantity
    • Delayed quantity
    • Planned quantity (Accumulated)
    • Progress (Accumulated)
    • Delayed quantity (Accumulated)

2Productivity report
  • Productivity report
    • Planned/Actual production time cycle for 01 product
    • Planned/actual productivity
    • Planned/actual OEE each day, and accumulated to the current day
  • Productivity comparison among workshops/lines by
    • Efficiency
    • OEE
3Materials consumption report
  • Reports on materials consumption by
    • Quantity used in production
    • Quantity used for error control
    • Quantity due to production scrap

4Production costs report
  • Reports on estimated production costs, materials cost for 01 product/01 work order
  • Reports on production costs, actual/estimated materials quantity for each product/MO

MESCore integrated in the Manufacturing Execution System MES-X

Flexible deployment On-premise & On Cloud

Diversity – Efficiency

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