End-To-End Manufacturing Quality Management Solution

QMS-X is a standardized, optimized quality management system in the general Manufacturing Execution Management package MES-X, developed by VTI Solutions

  • Quality management iQC, pQC, oQC
  • Root cause analysis, quality improvement notification
  • Visual display of QC progress and results in real time

Advantages of QMS-X

63 %
Manufacturing defects
42 %
Replacement and repair costs
34 %
Product quality

QMS-X: Function list

1Master data settings according to customer’s business specifications

User management and authorization:

  • Manage user access, ensuring data security
  • Define user

General database definition:

  • Define product
  • Define product group, unit and type

Setting up the quality database:

  • Error type, countermeasure group, error cause group
  • Error Checklist
  • Quality Criteria

2QC planning

QC planning management:

  • iQC (Input QC): Input management
  • pQC (Process QC): Procedure management by each stage and work progress
  • oQC (Output QC): Output management
3Real-time QC progress update and execution

Real-time QC progress update (failed/passed quantity by each checklist)


Flexible support for different QC requirements:

  • QC 1 time, QC 2 times
  • Full QC, Partial QC
  • iQC (input QC): QC of input materials
  • pQC (process QC): QC in the production process on each stage, QC in the input/output stage
  • oQC (output QC): output finished product QC

Allows to view the entire transaction history of QC

4Improving production procedure

Enables easy tracking, management and support for error correction, and continuous quality improvement through:

  • Generate and manage defect reports for each QC batch; update error cause, error causes, solutions
  • Allows statistics and analysis of errors, types of error causes, and types of countermeasures for managers to make timely countermeasures
  • Assist in the creation and management of quality improvement notifications
5Reports and statistics

Visually display the effectiveness of QC activities through statistical reports:

  • Progress, results of input QC, output QC, QC in production
  • Detailed QC progress (QC quantity, passed quantity, number of defects, quantity according to production/import/export plan, quantity to be QC) by day, month, quarter
  • Error types, error causes, error countermeasures

QMS-X integrated in the Manufacturing Execution System MES-X

Manage the whole manufacturing process intelligently, optimally integrated, and paperless

Flexible deployment On-premise & On Cloud

Diversity – Efficiency

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