Smart Warehouse Management System WMS-X

Smart warehouse management system with QR code:

  • Automated: Automating manual warehouse operations: data collection, import/export, inventory counting, etc.
  • Accurate: Accurately recording import/export information of materials, WIP, finished products, and supplies with QR code
  • Just-in-time: updating manufacturing information in real-time, assisting in timely decision making

Results achieved after using MES-X

80 %
Saving time on data import and inventory counting
99 %
Accurate control over materials, products and supplies
95 %
Paperless warehouse

Convenient management anytime, anywhere

  • Enable flexible management on any electronic device: phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Automatically update warehouse activities in real-time via visualised graphs and charts

Warehouse status management – Warehouse layout design

  • Provide charts on warehouse layout, used space, and vacancy in each area/on each shelf
  • Allow warehouse arrangement design with drag-and-drop interface

Easy inventory management

  • Quick inventory counting with inventory orders, integrated QR codes, and inventory history tracking
  • Track inventory quantity and location of each item
  • Track inventory cost reports, manage obsolete inventory and expiring products
  • Issue alerts when inventory drops below minimum level, replenishing in time

Optimised warehouse operations with QR code

  • Automatically import/export in accordance with each manufacturing order via QR code
  • Manage multiple warehouses with one-step and two-step transferring orders

Smart packaging

  • Define packing specifications for finished products, package
  • Approve, print, label QR code
  • Packaging

Warehouse management with QR code and more

WMS-X integrated in the Manufacturing Execution System MES-X

Smart paperless management over the entire manufacturing process with optimised integration